Greetings, Earthlings

It is I, another mother blogger.

I was going to introduce myself but I would rather have a frank talk about the moon.

Today I woke up really super sleepy from the really SuPeR mOOn because it shone so brilliantly into my home last night. I couldn’t organize any of my thoughts and I thought about this blog again.

“Oh, Virg, who wants to read another mom blog?” “Have you considered writing a whole post about the super moon to kick it off?”

Back to the moon.

Let me be clear: I don’t care if any celestial body moves closer to earth or crisscrosses with another planet ever again. Those orbs rob me of what little sleep I get. I didn’t even try to look at the eclipse! I seriously got confused about the rules and when my kids and I were driving, my 3yo said, with such optimism, that he was looking for the sun and I overreacted and shouted for him to LOOK AWAY! He cried back there, bless him, thinking his eyesight was damaged and I had to back-peddle like, “Oh, son! I am sorry, I just have been so apathetic about the eclipse I that pieced together safety info…”

(NOTE: Google solar eclipse safety. Not that it will matter in your lifetime.)

Ok, I think I am ready to introduce myself. I am Virginia and I stay at home with my three children and motherhood is what I am all about. I love my children with a love so deep and abiding it makes me pause…and weep…but I also live my life kind of like an alien, alone on the slope of a mountain, in sneakers I never thought I would wear, shooing coyotes away with my chancla, and having whole conversations with myself as I drive up and down dirt roads. I need an outlet.

In an attempt to connect to my humanity and find out if there are other species like myself, I am going to be writing about whatever I want, since I pay the fees around here. I mean, I am here to use this as an awkward diary that is public. You don’t even have to sneak into my room to read it.

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