I hate myself for blogging. I like blogging, but I hate that I feel like I need to get on here and be all HEY Y’ALL here are some tips. I also hate that I feel like I have to tiptoe around my background, because it never tiptoed upon me. It stomped my teeth on […]

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Mind Your Own

When I talk about “people-pleasing” I am using a euphemism for “codependency.” I have a blog because, as much as it pains me to write this, my “love-language” is overwhelmingly “Words of Affirmation.” Words. They mean everything to me. If I never received another gift again, I would be perfectly content as long as I […]

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A Case for Smartphones

How pimp is it that I can write an actual blog on my smartphone? You know? I get the sense that everyone walks around with these exquisite pieces of technology in our hands, feeling quite guilty. Sure, the phone is incredible and we can’t wait to upgrade, but we have to do some atoning, to let everyone know we aren’t that into […]

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